Why should we pay to accept Management's Offer?

To the question of our loss of pay being 1/216th or 1/261st of our annual pay
Item number 1 in their proposed return to work policy indicates that striking faculty’s salaries will be deducted by 1/216 of the annual salary for each working day of the stoppage. This is an attempt to quantify the salaries not to be paid to faculty during the strike. 
The problem is that the correct number should be 1/261, not 1/216. The 1/216 number means, that should there be a yes “Accept” vote, the college will deduct an additional 20.8% of your lost salary.
The 261 number comes from the number of faculty working days in a year as described in the SunLife benefits book (http://www.local244.ca/_media/fulltimeacademicstaffbenefitsbookleteffectivejanuary12015.pdf) and is found on page 38).
The 2006 Return to Work protocol, shows the amount of salary deduction as 1/261.The effect of this difference (having 1/216 of your salary deducted versus having 1/261 of your salary deducted) is shown in the following Punitive Cost Of 2017 RTW Table, for faculty at each salary step.

2006 = ANNUAL SALARY / 261
2017 = ANNUAL SALARY / 216
2017 PENALTY = 2017 - 2006
Therefore, the effect of a YES vote will cost faculty an additional surcharge for participating in the Strike. Remember, the Management Offer is a legally binding document and colleges will be bound to follow the terms of the new collective agreement as put forward by the colleges and the College Employer Council.