A Poem - College Strike Playbill

Photo Credit: (CC) Cristina Abadia

College Strike Playbill

School’s out, I get a break?
Week 2:
Isolated. Out of routine. Irritable. Anxious. So much at stake.
Week 3:
Can’t get out of bed. Slipped into negative thinking. Depressed. Can’t pull myself out.
Week 4 :
A bit of hope. This has got to end. I’m at the edge my seat .
Scared. My tuition! Solidarity to Doubt.
Week 5:
Breathe just breathe.

Picketing, E-picketing, Trailors, Wind, J-forms, gallore.
Week 2:
I’m exhausted, I’m sick, I can’t take this no more.
So many colleagues broken and unwell. Solidarity and advocacy. Is as strong as hell.
Week 4:
Backaches. Colds. Tragic deaths. Funerals. Pregnancy complications. Mortgage payments.
When will we be done with this soul sucking spell?
Week 5:
Breath just breathe


In it together. Burn the candle at both ends? Must keep the light shining. CEC says we must stop the whining. We say, when are you resigning?