University Strikes in Ontario since 2014

University Strikes Votes in Ontario since 2014

Half of all Ontario Universities have voted in support of a strike mandate since 2014.


October 2017                     UOIT                                                     Faculty gives Strike Mandate /Agreement Made
October 2017                     uOttawa                                              Faculty gives Strike Mandate/Agreement Made
October 2017                     McMaster                                           Faculty gives Strike Mandate
September 2017               Laurentian University                    Strike
February 2017                   Brock University                              Faculty gives Strike Mandate/Agreement Made
November 2016                Wilfrid Laurier University             Voted in favour of strike action
September 2016               Brescia University College (Western) Faculty gives Strike Mandate
November 2015                Nippising                                             Strike
March 2015                         UofT                                                      Strike
March 2015                         York University                                 Strike
October 2014                     University of Western Ontario   Faculty gives Strike Mandate
September 2014               University of Windsor                    Strike
March 2014                         Trent University                                Faculty gives Strike Mandate
February 2014                   Algoma University                           Faculty gives Strike Mandate




U of T & York


University of Western Ontario