This is my first time on strike

Photo Source: (cc) governosp

This is my first time on strike although I have been in the working world for 46 years. How did I work for so long without having to put this level of commitment toward getting what I feel I am worth? In my case I am fairly new to teaching. In fact, my background is nursing. Nurses aren’t allowed to strike… they just get what they are given. Patronizing right?  We just had to accept what someone else tells us what we are worth… we cannot argue as we are “essential service”.  

Nurses work in an environment where they have little control… where their voices are only a whispers to be ignored.  This is exactly what is happening now….with this vote. Management is telling us what we are worth, without discussion, without bargaining ….they are showing us that they are in control. Similarities that I notice only because I have lived without discussion for several decades as a nurse. DO NOT miss this point…we the faculty should determine what we are worth and what happens in our classrooms. Please use your voice and reject the offer, because so many out there cannot.


In case you missed it, the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario recently issued a statement regarding the College Strike.  You can read the RNAO statement here.