Dear Sheridan, can we take a moment to hear my voice?

Dear Sheridan, can we take a moment to hear my voice?
I’m twenty years old and I came here by choice.
I am taking a program that my friends are all taking,
Not sure if this is the right decision I’m making.
I guess it was right, as I got a job right away.
The hours were good and I got decent pay.
But something inside me said I wasn’t done learning.
It wasn’t just about the money I was earning.
I wanted to wake up and love what I did.
Did I mention to you that I now have a kid?
So I worked more, got married and had child number two.
But something inside me, kept me thinking of you.
With no support from my husband, my idea was clearly rejected.
I applied again to you Sheridan, and was once again accepted.
Returning back to you now as a scared mature student.
Was this the right decision? How will I pay rent?
My husband is gone, my classmates are young.
I keep wondering if this was wrong what I’ve done.
But in walks this professor with such style and such grace.
I knew right then I was in the right place.
She inspired me to learn and I wanted to be her.
So I finished college and uni, now I’M an educator!
Then you hired me Sheridan although just part time.
I knew just like others it was a ladder I’d climb.
To me it was expected to teach at more than one college
To gain some experience and add some more knowledge
At the end of each term, I used to sit in fear
Wondering if I’d teach again as I waited to hear. 
Had three interviews, got rejected and didn’t whine.
Because I kept saying to myself , “ It just wasn’t my time.”
Six years later, and almost all courses taught,
Another full time position posted, “Should I apply? Why not?”
This time I got hired and I was happy to say,
That all the work paid off. I’m full time today.
You hired me Sheridan, and I believe in you.
I know that you’ve seen what I have been through.
You have taught me Sheridan to stand up for what’s right
Its’ hard to believe now that its YOU that I fight.
If it means being cold, losing pay and much more.
Then its’ nothing that I haven’t had to do before.
I thought that was over when I landed full time.
Instead I spend weeks walking the picket line.
I was a student, both young and mature
Part time, partial load, I also had to endure .
Full time now, walking alongside new friends.
Will it be over soon? Well I guess that depends.
I have shown to you here that I am your biggest investor
So lets’ get back to the table and finish this semester!
I’d like to come back to you Sheridan as do we all.
The ball’s in your court, now you make the call.

Alexis Bruyns