A thank you from a guest picketer!

The following message is from Steve Cogan.  A longtime steward for Local 558 (Centennial) until this past summer, when he retired from the college after 30 years. He has been joining in with the Picketers at the HMC campus for the last few weeks.


Hi Jack--

'Just a quick note to say that your local members have been very welcoming to me as I've joined in a few times now on the picket line at the McCallion campus. One of the picket captains, Fred, actually recognized me when I showed up this afternoon -- and everyone has been very warm generally (even if the weather has turned cold!)

If it's of interest.... I noticed that your local's webpage includes some photos from the picket line. One of the members snapped a pic of some of us the first week, and I've attached it, in case you or your webmaster would like to use it. (BTW, the interloper from Centennial is second from the left.)

Here's hoping that tomorrow's return to the bargaining table will move this strike toward a fair resolution. In the meantime, Jack, best wishes once again to you and the members of your local.