- Week 4: Day 3

Virtual lines, lies and a link worth following

Dear Colleagues,
The story is still unfolding. By the time we hold our General Meeting on
Thursday at 3:00 at the Mississauga Convention Centre,
Salon B
there will no doubt be more to talk about.
Please go to our website – www.local244.ca and register your intention to come. There will be sign-in sheets at the meeting and your attendance will count as a four hour shift. You can also serve the morning or afternoon shifts on Thursday at the regular picket lines. There will not be an evening picket at the college.
When I attended the picket lines today, we didn’t know the vote was going to be electronic. We were against it. Later in the afternoon we found out that it will be an electronic vote and the email with the link to vote will be coming through the colleges’ email systems. So, to vote we have to cross the virtual picket line.
While we spoke this afternoon about our Bargaining Team asking for the College Employer Council (CEC) to return to the table, the colleges were publishing that both teams were back at the bargaining table. But back in my car checking the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Presidents Google Group email threads, the Bargaining Team members were corresponding with us right after their press conference. How could both sides be back at the bargaining table?
Here’s the link to the whole press conference:
I had trouble viewing it in Chrome, but it played in Safari.
Let’s take some time to see where this is going, but
Let’s stand together,

Jack Urowitz,
President, OPSEU Local 244
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
(905) 845-9430 Extension 2832
Union Office 4065