How can we still finish on time?

There has been a lot of dialog on twitter and facebook wondering how could we possibly save the school year? I have worked through two separate models to show how this school year can be delivered with minimal impact to the curriculum by no later than May 4th of 2018.

Standard Delivery Model
The first calendar below shows you how the school year would have rolled out if there was no work stoppage.

Model #1 - No Lost Facetime
The next calendar shows Model #1 - No Lost Facetime. In this scenario, students will still receive 14 weeks of instruction. There is still a break between semesters. However, rather than occurring during the week of January 1st, the break is now the week of January 22nd. Some of the downsides of Model #1 is that: a) the students will not have reading week, b) they lose the time off before the holidays. And c) Classes will run into the 4th day of May 2018, possibly adding an additional month of rent for some students. 

Model #2 - No Extra Rent
In model #2 below, extra costs in the form of rent and other living expenses due to an extended school year is mitigated. As we can see by comparing to the first calendar, students would have been in classes until Mid-April without the strike. A one week gap between semesters occurs late January.  Students do not lose their Winter reading week. Students are done only one week after they would have finished meaning they would still be done in time for most practica, internships, coops and placement exams. The downside is that both the Fall and Winter semesters would be reduced from 14 weeks to 13 weeks. This means that one week of class material will have to be integrated across the other weeks of each course. Alternatively, less essential content will need to be cut from each course in order to fit the 13 weeks of delivery.  

If asked to choose, I would select Model #2. It not only has the lesser financial impact on students, but it also has a lesser impact on student holidays. This model also provides what appears to be a return to what looks like a normal schedule as soon as the middle of February/beginning of March.


Edit:  I have heard that College Management has communicated the schedule for the remainder of the school year and it aligns with Model #2.