Letter from Mississauga-Streetsville MPP Bob Delaney

The following letter is in response to a colleagues attempt to contact their local MPP. 


  A number of our Lisgar, Meadowvale and Streetsville residents, yourself included, have e-mailed our office with their thoughts on the current labour dispute in Ontario’s colleges. Whether one is a student, a parent, a family member, or a faculty member, we can all recall vividly the rhythm, pace and challenge of an academic year, and how a break in it feels.

   What’s remarkable is how very few Ontario collective bargaining negotiations lead to a work stoppage. Just like trials or litigation, collective bargaining is independent of the Legislature. The Province is not a party to negotiations, it may not unilaterally insert itself, and its mediators have not been requested by either party. I have collected some observations from the Ministry of Labour on the relationship between the Government of Ontario and the process of collective bargaining to assist our residents. You’ll find them on my MPP web site at http://www.bobdelaney.com/college-strike/. The collective bargaining process not merely needs its chance to work, by law it must have its chance to work toward a solution at the bargaining table.

   Thank you for your thoughts. Please extend those thoughts to the two parties, and urge them to work it out at the best place to reach a settlement: the bargaining table. I will add your e-mail address to my web site’s list for occasional updates. All the best.

Bob Delaney
Member of Provincial Parliament
Tel.: (905) 858-4262 – (905) 858-4BOB
Facebook: /BobDelaneyMPP
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