- Week 5: Day 2

Dear Colleagues,
There are many reasons to reject the College Employer Council’s (CEC) Final Offer. You have my annotated version of their offer, you heard Kevin Mackay at our Rally last week; a video of his talk is on our blog. All the facts can be found in my emails collected on our blog.
If you are still ambivalent about voting to REJECT their offer, look at the paragraph below. The strikethrough belongs to the CEC. They wants the “no contracting out” Article removed from our Collective Agreement. Obviously, they want all impediments to staffing Ontario’s Colleges with contract teachers removed.
No full-time bargaining unit member who has
completed the probationary period will be released
from the College’s employ as a direct result of the
College contracting out his or her work
Listen to our Bargaining Team Chair’s short talks summarizing the key facts on which to base your vote.

Ontario College Strike - Day 26 - WHY YOUR NO VOTE IS SO IMPORTANT - November 2017

Ontario College Strike - Day 26 - PARTIAL-LOAD FACULTY: WHY YOU SHOULD VOTE NO - November 2017

We didn’t lose 5 weeks’ pay to give in now!
Standing tall together,

Jack Urowitz,
President, OPSEU Local 244
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
(905) 845-9430 Extension 2832
Union Office 4065