- Week 3: Day 3

Pierogis, Rallies and Newspeak

Greetings Faculty,
It was colder today, but bolder we grow tomorrowThursday is looking great. Right now, the Weather Network predicts sun and clouds between noon and 3:00 with temperatures 140 and 150. The rally is between 12:00 and 2:00 PM. OPSEU has booked the busses for us – to leave each campus by 9:45 AM, so get to your chosen campus for 9:30 AM. That is a bit later than the original plan, but the provincial planners feel that a 9:45 AM departure is best considering the masses they are conveying to Queens Park.
Tomorrow our Striketoberfest convoy will be feeding all three campuses with a Perogies and Root Beer fare. HMC will be fed around noon, Davis at 1:00, and Trafalgar at 2:30. The Trafalgar visit tomorrow replaces the proposed Friday visit, which might be thin given the double shifts required for the Thursday Queens Park rally.
A couple days ago, my email deconstructed the College Employer Council’s (CEC) deceitful narrative. It is a cleverly composed calculated portrayal of partial facts presented by a public relations firm. That’s right, the CEC pays spin doctors to present their case. So much for the validity of their offer. David Scott Consulting is the Public Relations firm the Council is using. Google them. A question might come to mind. How many part-time contracts could be converted to full-time jobs with the money spent to spin the CEC’s untenable position into sellable newspeak?
You are better off listening to the CEC’s key players speaking, or should I say bumbling, over their talking points. In the following two CBC interviews, you will hear from Don Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of the CEC and Sonia Del Missier, chair of the CEC. They are challenged by RM Kennedy, Chair CAAT-A Divisional Executive and Dave Fasciano – Local Union President  Collège Boréal, respectively.
RM Kennedy, Chair CAAT-A Divisional Executive
Don Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer, Email: don.sinclair@theCouncil.ca
Dave Fasciano – Local Union President  Collège Boréal 
Sonia Del Missier, chair of the College Employer Council. sonia.delmissier@​cambriancollege.ca
You’ll notice their email addresses are included in case you want to comment to them personally on their talking point agenda.
Dress warmly, stay strong,

Jack Urowitz,
President, OPSEU Local 244
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
(905) 845-9430 Extension 2832
Union Office 4065