- Day 3

Day 3 - Student's Father and Bargaining Bulletin 

Greetings Faculty,

I’ve filtered through hundreds of emails since this strike came into our lives. Below is a thoughtful email from a Sheridan student’s father, followed by my response. Attached is the latest Bargaining Bulletin.

“I'm an active union organizer at _____, and my daughter is a student at Sheridan. She supports the strike as she has been raised by me lol. But she says that since the strike is blocking buses coming in, garbage removal and even pizza delivery, that it is inconveniencing students and not helping her to get other students to support. Told her to talk to teachers or contact you. If you can communicate to students what is going on. Help address their concerns it would help them support you, and also an excellent chance to give them a positive view of the labour movement! I have signed petitions and also sent emails to school administrators telling them to settle and that I won't be paying tuition instalment until it is settled. Any ideas you have to get parents or students to help let me know Best of luck in your fight. Thanks” 

Good Morning Ken,
Thank you so much for writing. Striking does change the order of things. It causes inconvenience, on purpose. Fortunately, your daughter understands what many don't and I very much appreciate her trying to convince her friends to support their teachers. When my kids were much younger they would tell their mother, who was pushing them to finish tidying up, that they needed a ten minute 'union break!'. They are grown up now and understand the values a united labour voice adds to our society.

What does it say that millennials decide on major social issues according to prompt pizza delivery, timely garbage removal and bus schedules?

Perhaps your daughter can point out to her friends that they are about to enter the job market. Do they want to be contract workers working from four-month contract to four-month contract? Our part-time teachers do. And so, they might not have the time to answer student emails because they have to work two jobs to support their full-time families. Do your daughter’s friends want decisions on their education to be decided by administrators who make four times as much as their professors, and whose report card has $dollar sign$ as the highest mark? Do they want to live in a society where labour's only voice is "yessir"?

Please feel free to share this with your daughter, and let her know that I would be glad to speak to her and her friends. Better yet, invite your daughter to come out to the picket line, and bring her friends, to discuss their concerns with their professors. Sadly, I am sure that our governing Council will not be back to the bargaining table next week. It is reading week, no teaching going on anyway, think of the $$$$$ they are saving.

As you know, as an active organizer, extra inconvenience is part of labour leaders’ lives during a strike. We owe our members the right to question our collective decision. And I can tell you, if you get two or three professors together, you've got at least four or five opinions floated your way.

But in one thing for sure we agree. Getting young adults ready to enter the workforce, to contribute to our society as mature citizens, with the means to earn their own way, is a noble calling to which we are all proud to a part. And I can say from experience, pizza deliveries to picketers must wait their turn in line as well.

We'd very much appreciate a visit from your Local, let me know when you can make it and at which of our campuses, and I'll try to be there.

In solidarity,

Update on student hit by car yesterday:
He is not a Sheridan student. His condition is stable but serious. We will follow this story.

Jack Urowitz,
President, OPSEU Local 244
Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
(905) 845-9430 Extension 2832
Union Office 4065